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Elevate Fitness Services

Our Services

At Elevate Fitness in London Ontario,  you will find a personal trainer that not only will help you to accomplish your fitness goals, but we are also going to teach you how to keep pursuing that goals beyond the class sessions.  Our mission statement is Delivering Good Health.

1:1 Personal Training

Having a personal trainer also means you can exercise confidently as your trainer teaches you how to execute your exercises safely. No more fear, No more excuses and no more doubt! 

Small Group Personal Training

Always is better all together,  let's do it! In a group of three, we can do 8 weeks of training, the cost can be split among the three individuals. Have fun together with your friends or family and challenge each other!

Fascial Stretch Therapy

With FST you can see long last effects, it is meant to be gentle on the body, helps with pain management, and improves mobility and sometimes the results can be seen immediately.

 Online Coaching

How does this work?  Simple, I will check in with you once a week to discuss what is working, how everything is feeling, what barriers are you facing and most importantly to keep you accountable.

What Our Clients Say

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Elevate Client

Andres Bonilla

Dani is an exceptional personal trainer. He has the best experience and his advice help me to reach my goal. 100% Recommended
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